Long Island LGBT Coalition's

Ad Campaign on LI Buses

Contact your NY State Sentor.

Press Release 

Small group of concerned citizens from Nassau and Suffolk Counties launch bus campaign in June to draw attention to Marriage Equality.  

Eight  individuals who had worked on the campaigns of 2 NYS Senate candidates last November, decided to form an informal coalition with a focus  of pursuing a positive image and visibility of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community- Nearly 100,000 strong on Long Island.  In only a matter of weeks, and with the expectation that there would be enough money raised to buys ads on 3-4 buses, the idea just took off as others learned of the campaign. 

With all contributions coming from private citizens, funds were raised to pay for 17 buses that will go along the Route 110 corridor as well as from points in Suffolk to Nassau.  These routes were chosen as they fall within the districts of Senators who claim there are no gay people in their districts or that it is not an issue. 

June is Gay Pride month.  It is also the last month of the legislative session for the NYS Senate to consider and approve the Ability to Marry bill.  The Assembly voted overwhelmingly last week to approve the measure that would allow couples of the same sex to be legally married.  Activists hope NY will become the 6th state to do so. 

For more information, please contact us at LongIslandLGBTCoalition@GMAIL.COM-